Vinagrerías Riojanas

Vinagrerías Riojanas S.A was founded in 1956 in the city of Logroño (La Rioja). In 1986 it moved to its current facilities located on a plot of 35,000 square metres, with a covered area of 9,000 square meters. 

From that time, the company has undergone a process of expansion and is now the top vinegar producer in Spain and one of the top in Europe.

Now it is a large producer of vinegar it still blends tradition and modern technology to achieve greater quality, offering a first class and timely service to their customers.

Vista área Vinagrerías Riojanas

Presence in more than 40 countries

Various generations have endorsed the company’s excellent products. This is evident in the company’s long tradition of exporting , over 40 years, and its successful establishiment in more than 40 countries, while adapting itself to the different markets. In addition, it has achieved IFS and BRC quality certifications, offers organic, halal and Kosher vinegars, and has been a pioneer in the development and distribution of aromatic vinegars and oils, which make up one of the most selective and extensive ranges in the market.

The customers see in Vinagrerías Riojanas a companion willing to look after their needs and always open to new proposals, while maintaining the quality of our products. For Vinagrerías Riojanas its suppliers are part of the company itself and their loyalty has been proven over time.

The management style is a reflection of the youth of its current setup, encompassing a flexible consensual management style and always open to improving service and to continual launching new products.

Application of new technologies in production processes

Since its inception the company has been focused on research and development projects. This dedication is evident in the development of a wide range of products brought about by the application of IT and new technologies in the production processes.

Regarding product innovation, it was decided to develop, under its gourmet Aliño brand, one of the most extensive ranges of flavors. The Aliño brand has more than 40 vinegars and 9 oils, the latter based on extra virgin olive oil with infused herbs: for game, for fish, slightly spicy, etc.

Fábrica Vinagrerías Riojanas

The production process has benefited from several stages of R&D, ranging from technology, the production system, right down to the selection of the acetic acid bacteria. Several of these projects have been carried out in close collaboration with prestigious universities and the European Regional Development Fund.