Vinagre tradicional Riojavina


Riojavina presents a wide range of traditional vinegars.

Our first brand Riojavina is over 60 years in the market. During this time we have expanded our product range to provide more specialty products with more character and tradition:

  • White and red wine vinegars
  • Cider, Herb, and Lemon dressing vinegars
  • Cooking wine
  • Jerez, and Balsamic vinegars
  • Our jewel, Rioja wine vinegar

The Organic Riojavina Cider with sourdough starter Vinegar is cultivated without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, and according to community regulations and certified by the Organic Agriculture body of La Rioja, which ensures its authenticity.

The specialty with more character, the taste of always with an affordable price.