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Vinagrerías Riojanas

Aliño Black Label

The most select wines are used to make the most exquisite vinegars.


Saffron vinegar. An exotic, healthy dressing

The Aliño range from Vinagrerías Riojanas has surprised us with new aromatic vinegars which look very tempting, this time with a touch of one of the world´s most exquisite spices, Saffron.
Saffron Wine Vinegar is every gourmet´s dream thanks to its surprising, delicate taste. It is one of the most exotic varieties in the Aliño range, made from the most valuable spice in the world, Saffron, which has well as its unmistakable flavour - has important benefits for your health. Used from ancient times.
Many people also believe in its powers as an aphrodisiac. It is perfect for preparing delicious dressings, in roasts, exotic salads,... and it can be found in - litre bottles at a price of 2.35. On sale in specialist stores.
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Mint Aliño. The power of mint

Now with MINT ALIÑO from Vinagrerías Riojanas, you can enjoy a truly delicious, refreshing salad, while at the same time benefiting from all the plant´s medicinal properties.
· DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: It alleviates stomach problems.
· PROBLEMS WITH THE EYES: Its antioxidant properties prevent the appearance of cataracts.
· STRESS: It calms palpitations of the heart and can help to reduce the psychosomatic effects of depression and help you to sleep better.
· IT REDUCES ACUTE PAIN: Like those caused by gallstones or nephritic attacks.
· IT COMBATS HALITOSIS: Its bactericide properties mean that it can help to get rid of the bacteria which cause halitosis.
· APHRODISIAC: It raises sexual desire.
· CALMATIVE: Apply impregnated compresses on the part of the body affected by rheumatic or other forms of pain. It also alleviates the itchiness caused by all types of burns.
Mint has a key position among the plants which act on the stomach, intestine and gall bladder.
Its active ingredient is its essence, of which menthol makes up between 50 and 85%. That is the reason why mint gives off its characteristic, strong, pleasant aroma.

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