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Sparkling Wine Vinegar (Aliño)

The most selected wines are used to make the most exquisite vinegars. Aliño Cava Sparkling Wine vinegar is made by using the most traditional methods which have been followed by Vinagrerías Riojanas for more than 50 years, beginning with the selection of the best quality cavas and finishing with the ageing process in oak casks before being bottled. The process is comparable to making a very high quality white wine vinegar but with the character that it gets from the grapes used to make Cava sparkling wine.

The control of the second fermentation in the bottle and the discovery of the cork made it possible to prevent the loss of the bubbles produced in wine. The traditional or champenoise method, used in the production of Spanish cava, was created in this way. With such a special sparkling wine Aliño Cava Sparkling wine vinegar is made.

Soft and elegant, this vinegar accompanies a salad without dominating it. Ideal to bring a special touch to sea -bass or swordfish.

This bottle incorporates a specially designed practical vinegar pouring spout.

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