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Pedro Ximenez Sweet Wine Vinegar (Aliño)

Aliño Pedro Ximénez Sweet Wine Vinegar is made from wines from the prestigious variety which gives them their name. It is a sweet wine, with a dark ruby colour, which is mainly made in the south of Spain, in the appellations of Jerez, Montilla-Moriles and Málaga.

To make this vinegar we follow the traditional method of criaderas and soleras typical of the Jerez appellation, ageing in oak barrels for over 4 years. In this way we obtain a vinegar with the character and fragrance of the Reserve Sherry together with the sweetness which the dried grapes of this variety bring. It is a real delight for the senses and is a pleasant surprise for anyone who tries it.

Jet black with ruby glints. Characteristic fragrance of the great Sherry wines sweetened by the touch of sophistication that the Pedro Ximenez give sit. On the palate it is delicate, smooth, fruity, with a hint of sweetness from the dried grapes.

Surprise yourself by using our Pedro Ximénez Sweet Wine Vinegar as a dressing in your most traditional salads or try giving a modern touch to more sophisticated ones, such as a seafood salad for example. It goes perfectly with fruit (for example strawberries), cheeses (mature, goat’s) and with desserts (ice creams, chocolates). Try preparing a simple reduction by simmering this vinegar over a low heat and adding it as an accompaniment and decoration for a mi-cuit foie gras or a tempura of vegetables and fish.

This bottle incorporates a specially designed practical vinegar pouring spout.

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