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Organic Modena Balsamic Vinegar (Aliño)

Aliño Organic Modena Balsamic Vinegar is made from a selection of fine quality organic wines. It is a product which combines the unbeatable taste of balsamic vinegar with the natural touch contributed by organically grown grapes, with a delicate, tasty result.

Each bottle is supervised and certified by the Control Body and bears the numbered seal of the Organic Farming designation which guarantees that it meets all the standards, and that it is made from grapes grown without chemical products, fertilisers or pesticides, in accordance with EEC Regulations nº 2092/91.

It is used in haute cuisine and by anyone seeking special products, without any additives and which respect the environment and which Vinagrerias Riojanas now offer the wider public as we have done with all the Aliño dressings presented to date.

It can be used with main courses and in desserts, for dressing salads, preparing sauces, cooking meat or added to fruit or ice cream.

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