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Aged Rioja Vinegar (Aliño)

The most selected wines are used to make the most exquisite vinegars.

Aliño Aged Rioja wine vinegar is made using the traditional methods that Vinagrerías Riojanas has been following for over 50 years, beginning with the selection of the best quality wines from La Rioja and finishing with the aging process in oak casks during more than 4 years. For many people this is “the real thing”, “the pure one”, “the one we have always known” and not without reason, since it is made using wines from our region, La Rioja, recognized all over the world for their fine quality.

It is fresh, full and elegant, with a rounded acidity, obtained from the highest quality raw material and smoothed by its aging.

The most traditional salad will be lifted to new heights with the unmistakable touch of aged Rioja wine vinegar.

This bottle incorporates a specially designed practical vinegar pouring spout.

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